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Puerto Rico




      Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean Sea

next to Dominican Republic to West . It was

discovered by Christopher Columbus on his

second voyage in 1493 . It is full of rich

Spanish history  since it was owned by Spain

until the United States took over the island in

1898. The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan

and is the top spot for tourist to visit. These

are some spots to see in Puerto Rico :


      1. El Morro

This is a fort built by the Spanish to protect

the city from attacks by sea. When at el

Morro you can see San Juan the entrance to

the city, feel the breeze of the trade winds

( which is good to fly a kite ) and La Perla.


      2. Puerta De San Juan20170701_155743-e1515458877987.jpg

Puerta De San Juan or San Juan gate was

built around the 1700’s and was one of the

main entry points to the city and was built

to keep its enemies out of the city. Now

when  you walk through San Juan gate, you

see  the Spanish influence of the city and its

architectural beauty which makes it one of

the best in the Caribbean.

    3.  Playa Flamenco

Playa Flamenco is a public beach located on

the island of Culebra a couple of miles east

of the mainland of Puerto Rico . It is also

know as one of the top beaches in the world

due to its turquoise waters and  white sand.

To get to Culebra from the mainland you

can either take a ferry from Fajardo or do

an excursion that tours  the island and the

beach .

4. Bioluminescent bay

You may ask what is a Bioluminescent bay

? Well it is an area in the water where

microscopic organisms live

and glow when disturbed . It also makes

anything else that comes in contact with

glow. There are three places in Puerto Rico

where you can see them and they are:

 .Mosquito Bay on Vieques Island

 . Laguna Grande, Fajardo

. La Parguera in Lajas


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