Cancun is located in the Yucatan peninsula

of Mexico.It is known as a spring break

destination to party. But it is more than a

party town it has many spots that will leave

you breathless. In this post, we will talk

about three places you can visit when you

go to Cancun.

Chichen Itza


This pyramid is one of the most visited sites

in Mexico. The height of this pyramid is 98ft.

With temple. It was used for religious

purposes and to make sacrifices. To get from

Chichen Itza from Cancun is about a 2hr.

drive. It is usually done as an excursion

from Cancun. Next to the pyramid is the

great ball court. It was used to play ball

games. Its dimensions are 225 ft. Wide and

545 ft. Long. It is a sight to see.

Isla Mujeres

This island is located 8miles east of Cancun.

In English, it is called ” Women Island. This

island has many sights to see. Our

experience on the island was excellent.

First, we went to the turtle farm. For a

small fee, you can feed and see many types

of turtles. Then we went to the south part of

the island where we were greeted by an

excellent view of the coast and Lizards!

Many lizards walk around this part of

the island there’s even a statue of a giant

lizard! Then we took some awesome

pictures by the sign of Isla Mujeres and one

that had a whale shark! The last spot we

went to was the beautiful Playa Norte. This

beach is located in the north part of the

island and is one of the most beautiful

beaches in the world! The water is so blue

and warm you don’t want to go anywhere

else for the day.



After we had visited Chichen Itza, we visited

a sinkhole called cenote. This sinkhole has

water at the bottom and is excellent for

swimming or snorkeling. At this particular

cenote, there were a lot of people. To get to

the bottom of the cenote, you have to go

down a long set of stairs. Once at the bottom

there is a deck that you can jump into the water


Cancun is a such an adventures place to

visit. We saw many places in Cancun, but

there are still many places that are yet to be

discovered. I encourage anyone that wants

to go to a site of adventure visit Cancun and

see why its one of the best places in the


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