The Bahamas is a chain of 700

islands and cays located to the

southeast of Florida and

north of Cuba. It consists of a

beautiful landscape, blue

turquois water, and sunny blue

skies. The Bahamas was the first

land that Christopher Columbus

discovered in his first voyage in

1492. The British colony colonized

the Bahamas in 1718 then became

an independent country in 1973.

On our recent trip, we will show

you the best places to see and

enjoy in the Bahamas

Junkanoo Beach


This beautiful beach is just a few

minutes away from the cruise

ship dock and a short walk to

downtown Nassau. This beach

is popular with spring breakers

and the local Bahamians. You

can also see the cruise ships

leaving and docking from the

port. The water is very blue and

is excellent for snorkeling. This

beach is also connected to another

beach called Arawak Cay, which is

also a beautiful beach to swim in.

Ardastra Gardens & Zoo


Just a short walk from Junkanoo

Beach you can visit the zoo of the

Bahamas called Ardastra Gardens

& Zoo. This is the only zoo in the

Bahamas and contains beautiful

gardens and different types of

animals, including the national

bird of the Bahamas and the

Caribbean flamingo. They also

have a flamingo show where the

flamingos march two by two.

The Atlantis Resort


The Atlantis is an ocean-themed hotel

located on paradise island. It was five

towers: the beach tower, coral tower,

royal tower, the cove, and the reef. The

resort has a casino, pools, beaches,

water slides, and an aquarium. The

Atlantis also has a strip to shop and

eat called Marina Village. There you

can eat Bahamian cuisine and shop for


Exuma islands


The Exuma islands are small

islands that are future out

from the capital of Nassau. The

waters of the Exumas is so clear

you can see to the bottom. In

the Exumas, you can find

swimming pigs in Major Cay.

These pigs are adorable and

swim out to the visitors because

they know that they bring food.

You can also head to Compass

Cay to visit the famous nurse

sharks. In this marina, you can

swim with the gentle animals. It

is an excellent experience. Also,

visit the famous sandbars in the

Exuma islands. A sand bar is a

small strip of land surrounded by

water. When you are there, it feels

like your the only person on earth

it is such a beautiful sight to see.

PINK Sand Beach


Did you ever think there would

be a beach with pink sand?

Well, this beach has it! This

beach is located in Harbour

Island, a small island next to the

island of Eleuthera. It is such a

fantastic sight to see! what

makes the sand pink? That’s a

good question! The beach gets

its pink sand from thousands

of broken coral pieces, shells,

and calcium carbonate

materials left behind by tiny

creatures with red and pink

shells that live in the coral reefs

that surround the beach. To get

to this beach, you have to take a

two-hour ferry from Nassau that

takes you to Harbour Island.

When you get there its a short

fifteen-minute walk to the beach,

or you can rent a golf cart and

drive to the beach.

To conclude you have to visit the Bahamas!

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